Age group using only cell phones showing increase in brain tumors!

The two pieces above appeared within a couple of days of one another. The first mentions a rise in brain tumors in the 20-29 year age bracket. The second piece concerns itself with the fact that the majority of those age 25-29 do not have a landline and use only a cell phone.

It does not take a medical degree to connect these dots. Perhaps a study needs to be done on the population without landlines. A short MRI developed by Dr. Kesari in San Diego could be given to the participants to see if they are walking around with a brain tumor without knowing it. Or those that have been determined to have brain tumors in that age group certainly should be questioned about their cell phone use.

Sounds logical to you and me, right? It is not that simple. The cell phone industry has a lot of money. Scientists and researchers do not. Also, many doctors at fine institutions shy away from this controversial subject as their hospital receives funds from the industry. After my husband’s craniotomy he was part of a study at the hospital where he had the surgery. Considering he has a glioma, the type of brain tumor attributable to long term cell phone use, one would assume that cell phones would have been mentioned in the questionnaire. NOPE. Lots of other questions- lead based paint, asbestos, etc. but not cell phone use. The questionnaire seemed to be one they would have used many years ago.

Please read the articles above. Remember, brain tumors generally have a lengthy latency period thus we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg now. It has also been shown that it takes at least 10 years of use of a cell phone to increase your risk of a brain tumor. We are seeing a rise in brain tumors in people in their 20’s which is so frightening as perhaps we are wrong. Perhaps this is more about dose than duration which means if someone uses the phone 2 hours a day for 5 years may be as vulnerable as someone using it 1 hour a day for 10 years. I am not a scientist.
I do know too many people who are now suffering or dead from brain tumors from their cell phone use.

Please help us at EHT to help stop this madness. Even a small donation will help in our battle to save the brains of our children and grandchildren.

5 responses to “Age group using only cell phones showing increase in brain tumors!

  1. You say “It does not take a medical degree to connect these dots. ”
    I find this particularly interesting; because I’ve asked Dr. Howard Fisher (a HUGE “expert” and lecturer on all these matters) were he got his M.B.B.S. medical degree. He won’t tell me, or even tell those around him! He started listing this medical degree around 2008–well into his career.
    His Chiroprcatic affiliate in Boston, who also professionally investigates people’s degree credentials, in the last couuple weeks TOOK DOWN the “M.B.B.S.” from behind Dr. Fisher’s name on his professional web page! This after it was listed there for years….by Fisher’s classmate, business affiliate, and “professional-degree-checker”!
    About 2008 Fisher also started listing himself as “Director of Banipur Institute of Medical Science” Kolkata, India. BUT no such place can be found! At one site he curiously lists this institute as where he received his MBBS!
    Do you think we can believe this “expert”. He gives new meaning to “It does not take a medical degree to connect these dots. “

    • Thank you for the information on Dr. Howard Fisher. Please understand that there are still other qualified scientists working on this issue!

      • Update: Howard Fisher is a retired chiropractor whose chiropractic board formally investigated (one year) and then cautioned him on Jan. 15th 2013 for publically claiming a phony M.B.B.S. medical degree for 5 years!! (he still claims this degree before the unsuspecting public to this day). His chiropractic board also warned him for calling himself a “physician”, and also for claiming that he specialized in anti-aging.
        He also had to admit to his board that the TWO hospitals at which he claims he is “Director” (see his site)….don’t actually exist!! And, one of these non-existent hospitals is where Fisher claims to have gotten his medical degree!! Sheesh.
        Moringa is his latest promotion; but Fisher has prior history of hawking mushroom coffee, silver colloids, bogus MRET technology (magic iH2O and plastic stickers for anti-radiation protection from your phone, ala Igor Smirnoff), and the widely disclaimed and phony “Live Blood Analysis”.

  2. This week’s JAMA has an important NIH funded study with a good editorial: A study of 47 healthy adults receiving cell phone messages showed increased glucose metabolism ( reception mode with lower radiofrequency, ie underestimating effects ) :
    Effects of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Signal Exposure on Brain Glucose
    Metabolism byNora D. Volkow; Dardo Tomasi; Gene-Jack Wang; Paul Vaska; Joanna S. Fowler; Frank Telang; Dave Alexoff; Jean Logan; Christopher Wong JAMA 2011;305 808-813
    Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure and Brain Glucose Metabolism by Henry Lai; Lennart Hardell JAMA 2011;305 828-829

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