Laura Ingraham says, Keep that cell phone out of your bra!

Dr. Devra Davis was on the Laura Ingraham show live today, go here: to find a station in your area to listen in!

One of the topics they covered was breast cancer in women. Dr. Davis explained the risks that women expose themselves to when using their cellphones close against their bodies. We thought you would all be interested in this article we distributed in one of our newsletters about making sure to keep your cell phone out of your bra! Thanks for having us on your show, Laura – hope you find this article interesting!

For many young women today, tucking cell phones in the bra has become a cool, hip way to have simple access to these essential devices. Most of us have no idea that cell phones are small microwave radios that should not be kept directly on the body.

The ways some people are using their phones today could increase their risk of developing breast cancer and other diseases tomorrow. Cell phone’s microwave radiation seeps directly into soft fatty tissue of the breast.

It’s too late for Andrea X, a young active mother of three from Southern California. For more than six years, this vegetarian and runner drove her children everywhere, with her cell phone tucked snugly into her sports bra. She used her hands-free headset and was on the phone for four to five hours a day. Often her chest or ear would redden, but she thought little of it. This spring she developed a malignant tumor right where her phone had sat on her breast. No one in her family has ever had breast cancer.

Could all this be a coincidence? Of course. But her doctor, and the physicians of four other women under the age of 40 with similar stories, are deeply concerned that cell phones can cause cancer in women who store them on their torsos.

As of January, San Francisco will require cell phone retailers to provide the estimated Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for each phone. I am not asking anyone to become a Luddite and forgo the benefits and wonders of modern technology. I am saying — know the dangers of holding phones next to the brain and body, and be safe. Using a headset or speaker phone substantially reduces radiation exposure, as does holding a phone away from the body when it’s connected to a signal.

Interestingly, smart phones come with warnings, but these warnings are buried in the manufacturers’ instruction material that few people read. The iPhone 4 manual, for example, says that if the phone is kept in the pocket, “FCC guidelines for safe exposure can be exceeded,” and that “users are responsible for protecting themselves.”

Amazingly, today’s SARs rest on standards that were set in 1979 to prevent the warming of the large head of a 6-foot tall heavy-set man.

Our bodies are truly electric. But the steady, low electrical impulses that keep us alive may be disrupted by those pulsed signals that power today’s small microwave radio cell phones. That warm tingle from the cell phone pressed to the bosom could presage breast cancer not too far into your future. Given even the possibility of harm that can be prevented with a dollop of precaution, isn’t it time, ladies, to get a headset, and take those phones out of your pockets and bras?

2 responses to “Laura Ingraham says, Keep that cell phone out of your bra!

  1. I have a terrible sensitivity to EMF and RF waves for the last 4 yrs. It is increasingly hard to fin a place to live where i can sleep. I am in Vermont now…on a 45 acre property..old farmhouse….near powerlines…..and has old electrical and new…1800’s. I have been renting houses(different ones) for the last year. The only one that I felt good in was a log cabin near a 150 acre little forrest…with minimum electricity.First time in 4 yrs I felt normal…so it at least gave me peace of mind it isn’t in my head. I cannot sleep in the house I am in restfully. Is there a way to measure…and then is there something I can get to protect me so I can get a good nights sleep. I have high levels of mercury and some heavy metals in my body caused by extensive tuna fish in my diet…which is the cause of my sensitivity. i have reduced the mercury tremendously over the last 4 yrs with every alternative and medical process I have learned of but still have levels of 17…down that is from 50. I would very much like to consult with Devra davis.i just finished Disconnect and i know she could direct me to my next move. i am also writing a book for people like me and their families to help them cope because over the years i have learned a tremendous amount that could be helpful to others.
    I am convinced that people are gettting misdiagnosed left and right because the symtoms are so similar to many other illnesses.
    Please advise you have my email.Thank u
    Jolie Jones

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